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RASAMANI(mercury beadings ) a rare beadings ,siddha devotives believe that,this beadings give extra ordinary

  By Admin     31 March 2018     10:00 PM  

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Brahmasree Ravi swami a siddha sanyasi , vaithyar and master of all medicines in siddha.This Rasamani is very powerful,because innumerable Shiva -Sakti mantras has enchanted the moment of preparations.

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It is difficult to locate virgin Mercury from ores of earth.There are commercial low qu and medium quality mercuries ,used in thermometers and other equipment,containing eight poisons and seven toxic layers along with a low amount of divine energy and other contaminants including other metals.High quality Mercury ,from laboratory is 99.8%pure and has only two poisonous layers and one toxic layer,and when these are removed, it is completely divine.It is at least 30 days for this cleansing process(Murien,1992).

This alchemical process gives the Mercury a new character,the character of Rasamani,converting it from a potent poison to substance beneficial to mind,body and spirit of man(Murien). The ancient saints proved that when Mercury is transformed into Rasamani using rare herbs,the Rasamani obtains the ability cure all "incurable" diseases including Brain Tumour,Heart Diseases,Kidney Diseases,Arthritis etc.

  • Increases immunity and will power
  • Sharpens the mind and reduces brain aging
  • Raises libido and sexual potency
  • Improves concentration and promotes calm mind
  • When Rasamani is worn around the neck,or at the heart, it raises baser energies to manifest in the heart and intellect.
  • Reduces muscle cramps and body soreness
  • Regulate appetite,digestion and assimilation
  • Enhance vocal power ,tone and quality
  • Stimulates higher states of consciousness.